Although we continue to grow at a rapid pace, we assure you that our product remains the best in the industry. Prime Time Hockey's Head instructors are dedicated hockey teachers who understand how to get the best out of each student.

Our intense training ensures that all Head instructors are able to maintain control and discipline on and off the ice during each camp. Our strict requirements ensure that only the best instructors put on a Prime Time Hockey uniform.

Our support staff which consists of experienced hockey players who continue to maintain a high level of skill and are able to demonstrate and reinforce PTH exercises at an elite levels using proper technique. We are continously working to make our programs more challenging and constantly improving our teaching methods so that our students can raise there level of play and understanding of the game in a challenging but positive environment.

We look forward to continuing the relationships we have built with our past customers and are excited about meeting and getting to know new students this summer.


PTH Staff

Stan Misthios


Matthew Cross


Tim McLoughlin


James Hubbard


Colleen Murphy


Andrew Cross