Hockey Night In Raleigh (HNIR)

Cancelled due to Pandemic, coming back for 2022

Nearly 25 years ago - before there was Prime Time Hockey, our business began with the STANIMA Summer Youth League, which also gave birth to the STANIMA Summer Camps. I used the picture of my close friend Nick Kypreos from his Hartford Whalers NHL hockey card, turned him into a silhouette – and we had our logo!

The Stanima SYHL was the first of its kind in the Toronto area, to the extent that to this day most of the summer leagues in that region still employ the structure and philosophy that Stanima carved back in the mid-90’s.

The Stanima SYHL was so large in participation that we were able to form select “All-Star” teams at each age group that would go and play in high level weekend tournaments. These teams were called “Stanima Prime Time”, officially associating the Prime Time brand with Stanima that eventually morphed into Prime Time Hockey for all of our on and off ice training and development programs.

The time has arrived where we are going to go back to our roots and offer a Summer Hockey League experience. While consideration was given to going “RETRO” and bringing back the Stanima brand, we have instead decided to go in a slightly different direction that will still address great hockey traditions, a touch of Retro (making it cool), and still have a tie to us personally with our own self nostalgia.

Every young hockey player from Canada grows up watching the nation’s most watched television program every Saturday – Hockey Night In Canada. Couple that with the fact that Nick Kypreos - the man behind our original silhouette logo is now one of the lead television personalities and analysts on Hockey Night In Canada, we are proud at this time to present to the local hockey community:

This program includes the following:

Age Divisions:

Earlybird Rate: TBA

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Open to Ages 9- 14
House League along with A, AA and AAA Travel Players