Complete Defensemen Skills
Program Description

Perhaps the most difficult position to play in hockey. PTH believes in developing defensemen that "make plays" rather than developing defensemen that are "puck dumpers". While all aspects of backward skating, lateral motion, footwork and pivots will be strongly emphasized, so will puck control and puck movement. PTH aims to create defensemen that are exceptional players in the areas of transition and neutral zone play. Strong positional tactics will be covered in both defensive situations (closing the gap, 1-on-1, 2-on-1, angleing, body checking, play along the boards, moving players from the front of the net, etc.) and offensive situations (precision passing, quick decision making, holding the offensive blue line, quick release of shot, rushing the puck, power play mobility, jumping into slot, etc.). Balance, quickness, agility, and mobility will be stressed as they are in all PTH programs, however this program will place a little more emphasis on backward and lateral motion, as these are necessary skills for elite players at this position. This program is a must for defensemen, but can be very useful for forwards as well.