Advanced Skating, Puckhandling, Shooting & Fitness
Program Description

This is PTH's most generic program, touching on a variety of skills for the development of upper body, lower body, puck protection, and game simulation. The morning portion of this program deals almost exclusively with the development of skating, agility, edge control, coordination, quickness, symmetry, and puck control. PTH's unique methods of progression in these areas is perhaps what we are most recognized for. Inside and outside edges are fully developed. Lateral motion and shifting is emphasized, as it is an aspect of hockey that PTH places a great deal of importance. Our passing exercises, both in partner format and group format are the most unique and creative skill developing programs a player can experience. The afternoon portion of this program usually works on the development of all shooting techniques, scoring situations, puck protection, and various types of body contact. Various game simulations are also covered, such as 1 on 1, 2 on 1, play along the boards, quick decision making, and certain aspects of the defense position are all touched upon, just to name a few. That which makes PTH unique is the way in which edge work, agility, and symmetry are applied to all of these exercises as well - so that development of individual skill is constantly reinforced.