After 14 years of having ALL of our administrative operations in Toronto, Canada, we are proud to announce the expansion of our business.

PTH has opened new offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, serving as our new headquarters for all USA operations.

NEW phone number: 919-420-0024
NEW toll free number: 877-PTH-USA1
NEW contact email: infousa@primetimehockey.com


Now in our 22nd year of operation, Prime Time Hockey has established itself as a leader in North America for advanced skating and skill development. PTH operates as a full time year-round hockey school in Raleigh, North Carolina, along with several seasonal programs across the USA.

Our full time services in Raleigh include specialized weekly on ice programs, private and small group instruction, team instruction, individual shooting instruction, skating treadmill training, off ice fitness training, and even career counseling. We also offer Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Spring Pre Tryout Preparation Camps, Prep School Showcase events, and Top Prospect Tournament teams.

It is very clear that our portfolio of services for hockey development is second to none.

The 4,000 sq foot training facility in Raleigh is a smaller version of PTH's former 11,000 sq foot facility in Toronto, Canada - and is available for personal, small group, or team sessions. The training facility will be utilized as a part of all PTH summer camps in Raleigh.

If you haven't experienced one of our camps, you are missing out on a completely new and innovative way of teaching the many skills and concepts involved in making each student a better hockey player. Our camps are both technically challenging and physically demanding, yet we teach in a way that is fun and entertaining for our students.

Contact PRIME TIME HOCKEY today!

919-420-0024 OR Toll Free 877-PTH-USA1
Email: infousa@primetimehockey.com


PTH is now registering:
- X-Mas Camps
- Weekly Fall/Winter Development Classes
- Daily Treadmill/Shooting Sessions
- Daily Private Shooting Sessions
- Semi-Private On-Ice Lessons